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Margot the frugal gestapo

May 21st, 2004 at 05:42 pm

Lives down the street. She's the one training her cat to go to the toilet and trying to convince my wife to do the same. Nice lady overall except when it comes to being frugal. Becomes the frugal gestapo then. You know the type. Cuts band-aids in half the long way so a single one can be used twice.

Came over yesterday and had a hissy cause my wife was throwing away an old bra. Proceeded to explain how the padding had lots of uses, the lace could be used for making this and that, the wires were still good and the hooks and latches could all be reused. Dismantles the whole thing on our kitchen table and when my wife didn't look enthusiastic enough, took everything home to use herself. Somebody else's used bra!

Some things are meant to be thrown away.

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