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The Credit Card Man

May 29th, 2004 at 05:43 pm

Taking to a friend last night. Has a bet with another friend of who can get the most credit cards by the end of the year. Up to 46 with over $100,000 in credt and thinks this is great.

Is it any wonder we are a nation in debt?

1 Responses to “The Credit Card Man”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Some of us apply for credit cards in order to get points, cash, a discount on a first purchase, and other incentives. We're under no obligation to use the card. I cut up at least half of the cards I receive after getting whatever I want out of them (and these are all no-fee cards, so there's no risk of some surprise renewal fee a year later!).

    Credit cards aren't only for people who wish to live beyond their means; credit cards allow us to take advantage of sales and bulk purchase savings. Half of credit card holders pay their balance in full each month -- they aren't contributing to consumer debt.

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